God is a God of Power and Miracles!

Welcome to our website! We are excited that you have visited. Cornerstone Church is unique in Mosinee in that it is the only church openly seeking to be Apostolic-Pentecostal in doctrine and practice.

People have asked over the years, “What does apostolic mean? It simply means in the manner of the apostles. The twelve apostles were the men Jesus Christ hand picked to be the founding ministers of His Church.

To be apostolic (pronounced ap-uh-stall-ik) to us simply means to say and do things the way the apostles said and did them.

People have also asked, “What does Pentecostal mean?” It comes from the term Pentecost in the Bible. The day of Pentecost occurred 50 days after Christ’s death, and it means 50th day. On that day, the Holy Spirit of God filled the apostles, Mary the mother of Jesus, and other believers. When it did, miraculous signs occurred, among them, was speaking and praising God in languages the speakers had never learned. It was miraculous, and as God filled the believers with His Spirit and power, the Church began. The Bible shows the Church of the first century, the Apostolic Church, was a church of power and miracles.

We believe in and receive this same supernatural phenomenon today because the Bible says that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The Bible promises God’s Spirit is available to all people that God calls.

The result is a dynamic church where God answers prayer and lives are changed by power of God. (Check our testimonies section in the days to come).

We invite you to visit. Our Sunday service starts at 10:00 a.m.